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Women's Health

Health Check and Screening


As with Men’s health, woman’s health presents its own set of unique challenges and preventative checks which should be carried out depending on a patients age and risk range.  Please find below information on common health checks and issues regarding woman’s health. Should you have any quires, please drop into our city center location or book an appointment online. 



We offer a range of contraceptive options such as

  • Contraceptive Pills ( COCP & POP)

  • Contraceptive Patch

  • Contraceptive Ring – Nuva Ring

  • Depot Injectable Contraceptive – Depo Provera

  • Implanon Insertions and Removals

  • Emergency Contraception – Morning After Pill

  • Mirena Coil Insertions and Removals

Family Planning and Fertility

  • Pre-conception counseling –
    (Your doctor’s advice at least three months prior to your intention of becoming  pregnant is recommended).

  • Fertility advice including investigation and referral where necessary

  • Pregnancy tests


Female Health Check 


  • Breast examination

  • Bone Density Screening Referrals (DEXA)

  • Continence problems

  • Menopause – the “Change”

  • Sexual Health

  • STI screening

Breast Check and Smear tests

Both breast checks and smear tests are provided free to many people as part of ggovernment health initiatives. To see if you are eligible please check the following websites:

However, Should you have any urgent concerns please contact us immediately.  

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Blood Test

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