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When embarking on any sort to travel it is important that you take the right precautions by vaccinating yourself against a number of diseases. Depending on the country you are traveling, we will develop and comprehensive vaccine plan. Book an appointment today and make sure you’re fully covered when you travel. For more information on travel and vaccination advice, visit the DFA website.  

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Vaccinations we provide:

  1. Children immunisation (more info

  2. Tetanus booster

  3. HPV vaccination – Gardasil 9 (only available after consultation, more info

  4. Travel Vaccination – find out here what vaccinations you need 

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Experienced GPs

All our staff have more than ten years experience in the field and up to date with the latest research. 

Over 50 five star reviews

We provide excellent service, which has been greatly appreciated by our customers. Check out our reviews here. 

Online Booking System

Booking a GP appointment has never been so easy, book an appointment on our website today. 

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