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Children under the age of 6 are entitled to free visits to a participating GP.In addition to free GP visits, the GP visit card for children under 6 covers specific assessments at age 2 and 5 and care for children with asthma. These assessments are preventive checks that include charting age, weight, and height and taking appropriate follow-up action.

The asthma checks will assess your child’s asthma and review their medications, including ensuring that your child is using inhalers correctly. A written plan will be given to you to help you manage your child’s asthma. The initial check takes place when asthma is diagnosed in a child over 2 years of age, followed by another check in the following 3 months and then annually until the child reaches the age of 6. For more information and for frequently asked questions, please see below or visit  HSE.

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  • How can I make use of this service?
    Medical Card Holders – If your child or children have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card they will automatically be registered for this new scheme. Non-Medical Card Holders – If your child does not have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card you must register them for this new scheme. You can register them at the HSE website here
  • Do I get a GP Visit Card for my child or children?
    Yes, once the registration of your child or children is complete, a GP Visit Card for children under 6, will be posted to the address provided, for each eligible child.
  • I have registered online. What happens next?
    Once you complete the registration process, details are sent to your GP of choice who must accept your child or children to his or her patient panel. Once the GP of choice has confirmed acceptance of the registration of your child or children, a GP Visit Card will be issued to all eligible children within a few days. Please note that your child will not be eligible for free GP care until you have received the GP Visit Card.
  • I have selected a GP of choice, is my child or children now covered under this scheme?"
    Confirmation of acceptance of your child or children is needed from your GP of choice. Your child or children’s eligibility will not commence until you receive confirmation that your GP of choice has confirmed that they have accepted your child or children onto their panel.


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