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(31st July 2021)

For patients under the care of Dr Chii Chii Lee, please contact her directly at 087 741 8330 or
Get vaccine in pharmacy(age 18-34)

People aged between 18-34 are able to register with pharmacies for the Johnson and Johnson one-shot Covid-19 vaccine.

You could contact the local pharmacy which closes to you to book an appointment. The checklist link is below:


Get vaccine in walk-in vaccination center

People are able to get vaccines in any vaccination center that shows below.

the checklist link is below:


NO arrangement plan for the vaccine in Medical Centre

We have already arranged all Cohort 7 group vaccination, no future plan for any Covid Vaccination Appointment in clinic 


Get vaccine according to your age group (age 20+)

ALL patients (normal risk) under 69 years old will need to contact HSE directly to arrange for Covid vaccinations.

Who can register

On the 7th of July, HSE is inviting people over age 30 to register.

If you are older than this, you can still register now if you haven't already.

Things you need to register online

To register online you need:

If you do not have these things, call the COVID-19 helpline to register by phone instead.

Registering someone else

You can also use this service to register someone else. Read our guide on how to prepare to register someone else.

If you need to register more than 1 person, you need to log out after every registration. Use the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to log out and then start again.

Where can I register

Register online to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Read the user guide for help with registering online

For more information, please use this link:

After you register

HSE will send you text messages with your vaccination appointment details 3 to 7 days before your appointments.

Q&A Part
  • Whether I still need to get my second dose?

The most important focus at the moment is to encourage everyone to complete their course of Covid vaccination. Recent real-world evidence of protection against the delta variant may give confidence to those reluctant to take second doses.


· Second doses of Vavrexia /Astazeneca Vaccine provide 92% protection against hospitalization from the delta variant

· Second doses of Cominarty Pfizer provide 96% protection against hospitalization from the delta variant


These are comparable with vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization from the Alpha variant. One dose of either vaccine is significantly less effective than 2 doses. So, the message to patients is you need to get the second dose for maximum available protection.


The program for second doses of the AZ vaccine has been accelerated and all will be offered their second dose by the 19th of July.


  • Whether I could get the mixing of vaccines?


Mixing of vaccine schedules is NOT currently recommended by NIAC and not part of the vaccine program despite the intense media coverage of this option which is confusing for patients.

  • I am pregnant. To whom should I contact to get the vaccine?

The program of covid vaccination for pregnant women is via maternity services and not general practice.


Let’s fight this together. Keep safe!



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